Tea Pets

What is a Tea Pet??

A tea pet is the pet kept by tea lovers and nourished by tea water. It is a kind of art-ware made by purple sands or clay.

When enjoying the tea, the drinker will smear or sprinkle tea water on the tea pets. As time goes by, the tea pets will be moist with soft luster and tea aroma.

Tea pets usually take the shape of mythical Chinese beasts, human figures and small animals to express good wishes.

How to raise a Tea Pet

Like purple clay tea pots, long period of usage can add value to a tea pet. Pu'errh tea is the best choice to raise a tea pet. Here are other tips about raising tea pets.

1. The best way to raise a tea pet is to brush it with the fresh tea you are drinking. You can also pour tea on it, as long as it is freshly made.

2. Only use one kind of tea to pour on a tea pet, rather than many kinds.

3. Oolong, such as Tie Guan Yin and green tea are better choices to raise a tea pet apart from Pu'er tea.

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